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Social Network Management

With the increase in social networks and the enormous and constant growth in users, we understand it’s not just about the latest status or tweets, but about brand awareness and market growth; and that is why we offer tailored social media strategies to meet your needs.

With social media the keyword is consistency – often companies will start very well, a great website, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even YouTube accounts all opened, and for the first few weeks or months, they are updated regularly; but gradually this trails off, other areas of work are given more priority, and eventually the social media is forgotten – a few months later a new client is doing some research, looking for a new product or service, they come across a great website with a social media network, but a click through reveals neglected and unloved accounts with very few updates and little or no followers – a prospective new customer or client could be forgiven for assuming that company is not faring so well:

“New customers can be won or lost on the quality and content of your company's social media network!”

Interactive Logic will ensure the consistent continual growth; and updating of your network, a company today cannot afford to have straw blowing in the wind in their social media accounts!


  • Monitor forums, blogs, and social media networks for updates for consumers thoughts on your products and company brand.
  • Instigate an ongoing campaign of communication with consumers offering updates and relevant information.
  • Use information and press releases from clients to ensure Twitter and Facebook accounts are updated and relevant.
  • Using proven methods we will help to grow your social media network steadily, but our approach will ensure your followers are relevant to your business, and interested in what you have to say.
  • Review relevant market competitors and keep you informed of the latest comparisons in market share.
  • Initiate campaigns to increase your market share and brand awareness.
  • Start you from scratch, opening and designing your relevant social media accounts including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumbler, Flickr and DiggIt.

Website Maintenance

Whether it is due to time restraints or the lack of in-house skills, keeping your website up-to-date is one of the most important aspects of online marketing; and that is why we offer cost effective maintenance services; keeping your site active and up-to-date increasing visitors and search engine ranking.

We offer the following website maintenances services:

  • SEO  - search engine optimisation for many sites has to be ongoing to ensure your company maintains good search engine ranking.  Our experience in SEO can ensure your company reaches the biggest possible audience interested in your offering.
  • Basic website updates - keeping your site fresh and new, with your latest news, products and services.
  • Adjustments and redesigning of brands and logos.

Website Design

Our team is fully experienced in website design and can offer you a cost effective package to meet your needs and budget.

We specialise in sites using a CMS - Joomla offers a complete website content management system - take a look at some sites we have built with Joomla to give you an idea or what can be done:

www.razberryjuice.com  women’s online magazine
www.kewelworld.com mens online magazine

Wordpress is one the most used blogging tools on the web, and if you are looking for a smart effective solution that offers content management then our team of word press specialists are here to help you:

www.chummymumies.co.uk  resource and special offers site for mothers

We also undertake bespoke websites at very competitive pricing please feel free to contact us with any questions.


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